Collection: Farm Stuffed Animals

Life is better with a whole bunch of cute, cuddly plush farm animals. Perfect for kids of all ages, old and young, big and small, our selection of farm Stuffed Animals includes UDDER-ly adorable Cow Stuffed Animals, OINK-tastic pig plushies, four-legged furry pet pals, and so many more. Find your favorite farm animal plush  today.    


Best-Of-The-Best Plush Farm Animals 

These stuffed farm animals are not your ordinary barnyard buddies, they're the cream of the crop! Crafted with expert attention to detail, our plush farm animals are premium. From the fluffiest of fluffy sheep and bunnies to the sweetest of sweet horses and dogs, at Vermont Teddy Bear, we always use soft fur, long lasting sewing techniques, and squishy 100% recycled plastic stuffing. While we love all of our farm Stuffed Animals, a few of our most loved are found in the World's Softest Collection.   

Farm Stuffed Animals Inspire Creativity 

Enter a world of fun with our farm plushies. Whether it's make believe farms where herding sheeping, milking cows, and feeding dogs is part of the to-do list or a tractor ride with a best  farm Stuffed Animal friend, there are so many adventures to be had. True companions, plush farm animals, like the ones in our Buddy Collection, spark imagination in so many ways. 

Send The Gift Of A Farm Animal Plush 

Giving a farm Stuffed Animals is like giving a warm, fuzzy hug straight from the countryside. Perfect for animal lovers of all kinds, our farm plushies come in a variety of breeds, sizes, and styles. While some of our stuffed farm animals come with the option to personalize or include accessories, all of our plush farm animals come with the option to add gift tags.