Collection: Sloth Stuffed Animals

Slowly does it. With absolutely adorable features and huggable, extra soft fur, sloth plushies, like our 18" Oh So Soft Sloth, make wonderful gifts. From giant to life-size,  explore our selection of stuffed sloth today!  


High Quality Sloth Plushies 

Lovingly crafted of premium materials, our stuffed sloths are the best. From the soft fur to the squishy 100% recycled plastic stuffing and the carefully placed stitching, when it comes to extra huggable wildlife creatures that stand up to the test, look no further than these sloth Stuffed Animals. 

Stuffed Sloths Inspire Creative Thinking 

Vermont Teddy Bear plush sloths spark imagination. Whether it's a pal to climb trees with or a friend to read and dream with, sloth Stuffed Animals, like the 3 ½' Gentle Giant Sloth, are designed to open a wonder-filled world where playing and sleeping involves creativity. 

Sloth Stuffed Animals Make Great Gifts 

FUR-ever friends, all of our Stuffed Animals, our sloth plushies too, come with a lifetime guarantee. This makes these stuffed sloths great gifts for everyone, big and small. Want to make your sloth Stuffed Animal present extra special? Add a gift card, a gift tag, and accessories.