Collection: Bumble Bee Stuffed Animals

Bzzzz. The buzz on the street is that these bee Stuffed Animals are absolutely huggable. Great gifts for bee lovers of all ages, our bee plushies, like the one found in our Oh So Soft Stuffed Animal collection, make wonderful FUR-ever friends. Get your stuffed bee bestie today. 

Best Of The Best Bee Stuffed Animals 

Our selection of bee plush boasts high quality craftsmanship. Each of our bee Stuffed Animals are meticulously made using premium extra soft fur, world-class sewing techniques, and filled using 100% recycled plastic stuffing. Designed for a lifetime of love, our bee stuffed toys, like the 18" Oh So Soft Bee, are the perfect comfort companions for children and adults. 

Plush Bees Spark Appreciation For Nature

Wildlife Stuffed Animals, like our plush bees, are an educational and creative gateway into the natural world. Whether it's through imaginative storytelling or curious questions about pollination and honey, our bee Stuffed Animals inspire wonder and curiosity. They're not just toys and cuddle pals, a Vermont Teddy Bear stuffed bee is a companion on a journey of discovery, igniting a lifelong love for nature.   

Give A Wonder-filled Stuffed Bee Gift 

A gift that's sure to warm hearts and stand the test of time, these bee Stuffed Animals are amazing for birthdays, holidays, any occasion. A BEE-utiful symbol of the enduring bond between giver and receive, when you surprise someone special with a Guaranteed for Life plush bee, smiles will bloom FUR-ever. Shop our stuffed bees today and enjoy the option to include a gift card, gift tags, and other accessories.