Collection: Ocean Stuffed Animals

TENTI-cuddles, JAW-some adventures, FIN-tastic love for a lifetime. No matter what kind of aquatic creature you are looking for, you are sure to find it in our selection of ocean plushies. One of our Bear-y favorite ocean Stuffed animals is the 15" Mermaid Bear.

Spark Creative Play With An Ocean Plush

Dive into a world of imagination with our captivating ocean Stuffed Animals. From cuddly seas turtles to squishy octopus, our ocean plushies are designed to entourage storytelling and kindness for marine life. With these stuffed ocean animals everyone, big and small, will enjoy deep blue adventures. 

High Quality Stuffed Ocean Animals 

Our commitment to excellence is shown in all of our ocean plushies. Designed with lots of love in Vermont, these adorable ocean Stuffed Animals are made with premium fur, expert stitching, and 100% recycled plastic stuffing. While we adore all of our stuffed ocean animals, our fans absolutely adore the watery creatures in our Oh So Soft Collection

Send A Ocean Stuffed Animal Gift 

Unique and heartwarming gifts, our ocean plush toys are perfect for every occasion - birthday, anniversary, holiday, you name it! Best of all, our one-of-a-kind lifetime guarantee ensures your ocean Stuffed Animal gift will be cherished FUR-ever.