Collection: Lamb Stuffed Animals

Baa-ram-ewe! There is nothing sweeter than our lamb Stuffed Animals. Soft and squishy, playful and ready to steal the hearts of everyone, these lamb plushies make wonderful Newborn Stuffed Animal surprises or adult gifts.

Best Of The Best Lamb Plush Toys 

In a world filled with fast-paced living and constant stimuli, lamb Stuffed Animals offer gentle respite. With an understanding of how important these loveable creatures are, Vermont Teddy Bear designs all of our lamb plushies to meet the highest standards. Crafted with expert care, all of our Stuffed Animal lambs, including our 20" World's Softest Lamb, are made with premium fur, 100% recycled plastic stuffing, and world class sewing techniques. There is no better FUR-ever friend than a sweet-as-can-be plush lamb.  

Enjoy Serenity With A Stuffed Lamb 

Of all the Wildlife Stuffed Animals, lamb plushies are the most tranquil, comforting, and joyful. An ideal choice for creating a peaceful atmosphere in nurseries, playrooms, or any space where relaxation is key, many parents and caregivers choose lamb Stuffed Animals for their soothing presence. Adults too find solace in the calming aura of stuffed lambs, using them as stress-relief companies during tough times. 

Lamb Stuffed Animals Make Great Gifts 

A stuffed lamb plush toy is an extraordinary gift for a baby shower, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, a birthday, any occasion.  Soft and huggable, fun and playful, giving a lamb Stuffed Animal is an expression of warmth and affection. Here to make your surprise of a lamb plush unforgettable, we offer a lifetime guarantee and a free gift card with our Stuffed Animals as well as personalization on select items. Send a stuffed lamb today!