Collection: Cat Stuffed Animals

Looking for the cutest kitten or cat Stuffed Animal? Look no further. Our one-of-a-kind plush cat selection includes it all. 

Stuffed Kitty Cats for Feline Friends

Experience the magic of feline companionship without the need for a litter box. Our cat stuffed animals are the perfect cuddly companions for cat lovers of all ages. These adorable cat plush toys capture the essence of our favorite furry friends, from playful kittens to graceful black cats, all in huggable, plush forms.

Cat Stuffed Animals for All Ages

While we’re known for our giant teddy bears and stuffed animals, these cat stuffed animals are not just for kids; they make a delightful addition to any cat lover's collection. Whether you're a child looking for a new playmate or an adult in need of a comforting cuddle buddy, our stuffed cats offer a whimsical and endearing touch to your life.

Kitten Stuffed Animals

Our kitten stuffed animals are the embodiment of charm and playfulness. These fluffy, pint-sized plush kitties are the perfect gift for children who dream of having their own pet kitten. With their soft fur and lifelike features, our kitten stuffed animals provide all the joy of a real kitten without the responsibilities.

Plush Kitty Bliss

Cuddle up with a plush kitty that's as soft as it is adorable. These cat plush toys are made with high-quality materials that guarantee a luxurious touch. Their plush fur feels just like a real cat's coat, making them an ideal snuggle companion for anyone in need of some comfort and warmth.

Send A Cat Plush Gift 

Oh the joy of a special kitten or cat stuffed animal delivery. Full of endless fun and snuggles, the best thing about Vermont Teddy Bear is that all of our plush come with a Lifetime Guarantee. This makes sending a kitten or cat Stuffed Animal a thoughtful gift. 

Know a feline lover? Purr-fect for people of all ages, big and small, a plush kitty like our 18" Oh So Soft Kitten is full of love. With pointy ears, adorable whiskers, and a body made for extra squishy cuddles, this cat is looking for its fur-ever home. 

Black Cat Plush - Elegant and Enchanting

The mystique of the black cat is brought to life in our black cat stuffed animals. These elegant and enchanting plush companions capture the allure of black cats, often associated with superstition and good luck. Whether you're a fan of Halloween or simply appreciate the beauty of black cats, our black cat plush toys are a wonderful addition to your collection.

If there is one animal that screams fall and Halloween, it would be our 15" Classic Black Cat. The perfect addition to spooky decor, this stuffed cat not only has jet black fur, pointy ears, whiskers, and poseable limbs, its eyes glow in the dark too! 

Unlimited Cat Cuddles and Comfort

Our cat stuffed animals are not just playthings; they offer endless cuddles and comfort. These plush companions are always there for you, ready to bring a smile to your face or offer a shoulder to lean on. Their huggable softness and friendly faces provide solace during tough times and an extra dose of happiness during the good ones. And if cats aren’t your thing, look no further than our dog stuffed animals!

Whether you're a cat enthusiast, a collector of plush toys, or a parent looking for a perfect gift, our cat stuffed animals are the ideal choice. They capture the spirit of these beloved pets, from the whimsy of kittens to the elegance of black cats, in a form that's easy to cherish.

Embrace the joy of having a cat by your side, no matter where you go. Our cat stuffed animals are the purr-fect addition to your life, offering love, comfort, and endless cuddles. Discover the magic of these charming plush companions and make them a part of your daily adventures.