Collection: Octopus Stuffed Animals

An ocean of adventures and cuddles awaits with our octopus plush! The perfect bedtime and playtime companions, these stuffed octopus make great gifts for ocean enthusiasts of all ages.

Enjoy Imaginative Play With Stuffed Octopus 

Known for being one of the smartest ocean creatures, get ready to embark on countless thrilling underwater escapades with our octopus stuffed toys. Whether it's reenacting scenes from a favorite deep-sea movie or dreaming of captivating murky worlds, the companionship of an octopus plush knows no bounds. 

Premium Octopus Plush 

When it comes to lifelong companions, Vermont Teddy Bear's octopus Stuffed Animals are the best. With squishy tentacles and adorable faces as well as premium fur, one of our customer favorites is the 18" Oh So Soft Octopus. Get your stuffed octopus today and enjoy it for a lifetime. 

Send An Octopus Stuffed Animal Gift 

Wrap them in eight arms of love, surprise someone special with an octopus plush! Whether you are looking for Newborn Stuffed Animals, birthday plush, get well classics, or just because, our Guaranteed for Life stuffed octopus are adorable keepsakes.