Collection: Woodland Stuffed Animals

Every day is a BEAR-y special day with a woodland plush animal. Our charming cast of woodland Stuffed Animals includes mischievous Fox Stuffed Animals, bashful Bunny Stuffed Animals, buzzing Bee Stuffed Animals, Cuddly Teddy Bears, and more. Great gifts for everyone, of all ages, these plush woodland animals are fun-loving FUR-ever friends.

Huggable Premium Woodland Plush Animals 

At Vermont Teddy Bear we believe that every plushie should be designed with expert care, and our woodland Stuffed Animals are no exception. Dedicated to always going above and beyond to meet the highest quality standards, these woodland plush animals are made with premium fur, study stitching, and 100% recycled plastic stuffing. Oh-so-huggable, while we are big fans of all our woodland Stuffed Animals, there is a special place in our hearts for the handcrafted ones found in our Classic Teddy Bears Made in the USA collection. 

Woodland Stuffed Animals Spark Imagination  

What truly sets our woodland plush animals apart is their ability to ignite creative play and thinking. These forest friends aren't content to merely lounging around in bed or on a shelf; these woodland Stuffed Animals are ready to embark on countless adventures. From inspiring storytelling and interactive playtime to igniting curiosity and exploring the world, woodland plush animals, like our 15" Buddy Frog, are the perfect companions for any make-believe escapade. 

Plush Woodland Animals Make Special Gifts 

Our woodland Stuffed Animals make exceptional presents. From a Newborn Stuffed Animal gift to a surprise for an adult, no matter the occasion, a plush woodland animal is sure to delight. Guaranteed for Life, these woodland Stuffed Animals are thoughtful gifts that turn into FUR-ever friends. Make your plush woodland animal present one to remember with a gift card, gift tag, and the option to add personalization on select items.