Collection: Mythical Creature Stuffed Animals

Step into a world of enchantment with these legendary mythical creature plush toys. From sweet dinosaur stuffed animals and fierce dragon plushies to majestic unicorns and our best-selling 15" Mermaid Bear, we have a mythical creature Stuffed Animal for every fantasy lover.

Enjoy Mythical Creature Stuffed Animals With Legendary Quality 

At the heart of our mythical creature plush toys is a commitment to using best in class craftsmanship, premium fur, and 100% recycled plastic stuffing. Each one is meticulously designed with expert attention to detail and comes with a lifetime guarantee, making these mythical creature Stuffed Animals delightful FUR-ever friends. One hug of a Vermont Teddy Bear plush mythical creature, like our 18" Fluffy Fantasy Blue Dragon, is all it takes to feel the difference. 

Unleash Creative Thinking With A Mythical Creature Plush Toy 

Imagination knows no boundaries when there is a mythical creature Stuffed Animal to play with. Dragons guarding hidden treasures. Fairies dancing in hidden gardens. Mermaids swimming in hidden underwater caves. These plush mythical creatures inspire creative thinking like no other. Versatile adventure friends and dreamland buddies, our mythical creature Stuffed Animals play a unique part in weaving wondrous tales and finding appreciation for fantasy. Not seeing what you are looking for, be sure to take a look at our Wildlife Stuffed Animals too! 

Mythical Creature Stuffed Animals Are Gifts That Enchant  

When it comes to giving an extraordinary gift, look no further than our magical selection of mythical creature plush toys. So good they will leave the recipient, young and old, spellbound, these mythical creature Stuffed Animals are wonderful for birthdays, holidays, or just because. A surprise that goes beyond the ordinary, be sure to take a look at our mythical creature plushies that can be customized. Here to help make your Stuffed Animal mythical creature present effortless, we also offer gift cards, gift tags, and accessories.