Collection: Penguin Stuffed Animals

Ready to waddle their way into the arms of everyone, big and small, our penguin Stuffed Animals are as adorable as they are cuddly. Whether it's a plush penguin pal for a kid or a stuffed penguin companion for a kid at heart, these flippered fluffballs are sure to delight.

Best Quality Penguin Plush 

There is so much to love about our Stuffed Animal penguins. Crafted using the softest, premium fur, these adorable penguin plush are sewn using best-in-class techniques and filled with love using 100% recycled stuffing. One of our favorite stuffed penguins for the squishiest hugs is the 18" Oh So Soft Penguin.

Enjoy Creative Play With A Stuffed Penguin 

As part of our wildlife Stuffed Animal collection, these penguin plushies make exceptional adventure friends. From pretending to explore frozen worlds to fostering a fascination with the great outdoors, there is no better creative play pal than a penguin Stuffed Animal.  

Send A Stuffed Animal Penguin Gift 

Backed by a lifetime guaranteed, our selection of plush penguins make extraordinary keepsake presents. A FUR-ever gift, whether you are looking for a newborn Stuffed Animal or something huggable for an adult, our Penguin Stuffed Animals are designed for a lifetime of love.