Collection: Dinosaur Stuffed Animals

ROAR-some laughs and T-REXcellent cuddles for everyone! These dinosaur plush make excellent gifts for all ages. While we can't get enough of all our dino Stuffed Animals, we especially adore our lake monster-inspired 18" Fluffy Fantasy Dinosaur.

Best-In-Class Stuffed Animal Dinosaurs 

Softer-than-soft with huggable bodies, all of our dinosaur plush are expertly made with premium materials. One snuggle of a cute stuffed dinosaur like our 15" Cuddle Chunk Dino and there is no going back. 

Giant Stuffed Dinosaur 

What makes a stuffed dinosaur even better? Super sizing it! Made of premium materials, our 4' Cuddle Dinosaur is the perfect playmate and cuddle companion. Now that's a dinosaur plush like no other.  

Classic Bear Dinosaur Plush 

Legend has it, our Classic Teddy Bears couldn't be left out of the dinosaur Stuffed Animal fun. The perfect stuffed dinosaur for Vermont Teddy Bear collectors as well as playful kids, shop our 15" Dinosaur Bear today! 

Send The Gift Of A Dinosaur Stuffed Animal 

There are countless reasons to surprise someone with a stuffed dinosaur. Back to school? Of course! For the holidays? You bet. Just because? Why, YES! We have dino Stuffed Animals for every occasion and everyone, big or small. Each Guaranteed for Life, one of our favorite adventure friends is the 15" Buddy Dinosaur.