Collection: Arctic Stuffed Animals

Bears, penguins, and yetis oh-my! Lovers of icy landscapes and warm hugs, these arctic Stuffed Animals make excellent gifts. Whether you are looking for a Newborn Stuffed Animal or a pal for an adult, we have arctic plushies of all kinds, for everyone.

High Quality Arctic Stuffed Animals 

Our arctic plushies are like no other. Made from the best of the best fur, with expert sewing techniques, and 100% recycled plastic stuffing, these arctic Stuffed Animals are designed to last. Unique with one-of-a-kind detailing, like the iridescent accents on our 18" Fluffy Fantasy Yeti or the lifesize stature of our 28” Cuddle Penguin, one hug of a Vermont Teddy Bear arctic plush and you will feel the difference. 

Chill Out With An Arctic Plush 

From an imaginary game of sledding on giant glaciers to finding the confidence to plunge into ice cold water, arctic Stuffed Animals inspire creative thinking and appreciation for the natural world. Great for play and adventure time, these arctic plush are also wonderful for relaxation and sleep time, making them ideal FUR-ever companions. While we are head over heels for all of our arctic Stuffed Animals, we especially adore the fun and hug loving best-selling 15" Buddy Bear

Send An Arctic Stuffed Animal Gift 

Looking for a BEAR-y cute present for someone special? An arctic plush is a great idea! Soft and cuddly, durable and playful, these arctic Stuffed Animals are sure to impress. Arctic plushies make great gifts for every occasion and age. And, with gift tags, personalization options, plus added accessories, we make sending an arctic Stuffed Animal effortless.