Collection: Pet Stuffed Animals

PAWS-itively adorable. Our large selection of pet plushies is ready to run, jump, play, and snuggle all day and night. While we absolutely adore all of our pet Stuffed Animals, we have a soft spot for the adventurous ones in our long limbed, slightly weighted Buddy Stuffed Animal collection.

FUR-ever Premium Plush Pet Friends  

The ultimate in unconditional love, all of our pet Stuffed Animals come with a lifetime guarantee. Crafted with super soft fur, top quality stitching, and 100% recycled plastic stuffing, Vermont Teddy Bear's pet plushies are expertly made to become FUR-ever friends. Embrace our dog Stuffed Animals, cat plush, bunny stuffed toys, and so many more of our pet Stuffed Animals today. These plush pets have so much affection and joy to give. 

Pet Stuffed Animals Spark Imagination 

Zoomies. Wiggles. Hops. Trots. Galore. There is nothing better than playing and dreaming with our pet plushies. Designed to ignite creative thinking, our pet Stuffed Animals are a catalyst to a world of adventures, a place where anything is possible. Whether looking for a jumbo pet plush, like our 4' Cuddle Puppy, or squishy pet Stuffed Animal, like the ones in our Cuddle Chunk Stuffed Animal collection, we have something for everyone. 

Send The Gift Of A Pet Plushie 

Our pet Stuffed Animals make heartwarming surprises. Whether it's a birthday, the holidays, a comforting gesture during tough times, or a token of appreciation, these pet plushies convey a message of warmth and lifetime companionship. Choose a pet Stuffed Animal that looks like a beloved four-legged friend or a plush pet toy that embodies a favorite animal type, with so many to choose from you are sure to find just the right one. And, to help make your gifting experience effortless, we offer the option to add gift cards, gift tags, and customize select pet Stuffed Animals.