Collection: Turtle Stuffed Animals

These turtle plushies are TURTLE-y awesome. Great gifts for everyone, of all ages, Ocean Stuffed Animals, like our super cute plush turtles, make excellent adventure and snuggle companions. 

Stuffed Turtles Inspire Creative Thinking 

Soaring through the water and exploring the reef. Soaking in the sun on the beach and digging in the sand. Our turtle Stuffed Animals are designed to ignite imagination via play and storytelling. One of our Bear-y favorite plush turtles to enjoy all of life with is the 18" Oh So Soft Turtle

Premium Turtle Plushies 

One hug of a sea turtle Stuffed Animal from Vermont Teddy Bear and you will feel the difference. Designed to meet the high safety and excellence standards, all of our turtle plush are made with super soft fur, exert sewing techniques, and squishy 100% recycled plastic stuffing. From a Newborn Stuffed Animal to a huggable plush for an adult, there is so much to love about our stuffed turtles.  

Send A Turtle Stuffed Animal Gift 

SHELL-ebrating someone special? Get them a turtle plushie. The perfect surprise for animal lovers of all ages, these Guaranteed for Life turtle Stuffed Animals come with the open to include gift tags and other accessories. Give a stuffed turtle gift today!