Collection: Soft and Cuddly Stuffed Animals and Teddy Bears

Sometimes, all that is needed is a soft and cuddly hug from a FUR-ever friend. These soft Stuffed Animals and cuddly Teddy Bears offer the best hugs and are designed to become lifelong companions. While one of our favorite soft Teddy Bears is found in our World's Softest Collection, a few of our favorite cuddly Stuffed Animals are found in our Cuddle Chunk Collection.

Carefully Crafted Soft Stuffed Animals 

Designed to warm hearts throughout the ups and downs of life, all of our soft Teddy Bears and cuddly Stuffed Animals come with a lifetime guarantee. Thoughtfully designed for endless hugs, each one is made with super soft fur, sturdy stitching, and 100% recycled plastic stuffing. Whether it's a Stuffed Animal from our Buddy Collection or a cuddly Teddy Bear from our Big Plushie collection, every Vermont Teddy Bear is made to surprise expectations. 

Cuddly Teddy Bears Make Amazing Confidants 

At the heart of every childhood is the friendship of a soft Stuffed Animal or cuddly Teddy Bear. For this reason, we believe these cherished companions are more than just toys. These cuddly Stuffed Animals and soft Teddy Bears are givers of comforting embraces, keepers of secrets, partners in adventure. From Newborn Stuffed Animals to Teddy Bears for adults, we have something for everyone to love and enjoy. 

Send A Soft Teddy Bear or Cuddly Stuffed Animal Gift 

The perfect surprise. From baby showers to romantic gestures, our soft Stuffed Animals and cuddly Teddy Bears make incredible gifts. Tokens of affection and symbols of care, with our diverse selection of soft Teddy Bears and cuddly Stuffed Animals you will find the ideal FUR-ever friend for anyone and occasion. Make it a present to remember by adding a gift card, gift tag, and personalization options.