Lifetime Guarantee


    If injured, ship your Stuffed Animal to our Bear Hospital in Shelburne, VT.


    Once here, our caring and loving Bear doctor will nurse it back to health.


    Your Stuffed Animal will arrive home ready to share endless hugs and cuddles.

Want to see all of our Guaranteed for Life friends?

Steps to Admit a Patient to the Bear Hospital

  1. Print & Fill Out Form
    When you send your Stuffed Animal on their road trip to Vermont, please include all your information (stuffed friends aren't good with directions, without a name and address finding their way home is difficult).

    Click here to download bear hospital form

  2. Remove Clothing & Accessories
    Before packing them up, be sure to take off your Stuffed Animal's outfit* and send them BEAR naked.

  3. Pack & Ship Carefully
    Parting with your Stuffed Animal is tough, but rest assured, when you ship using a reputable carrier and the above form is in the box, your beloved friend will be well taken care of.

  4. Let The Healing Begin
    Patients at our Bear Hospital are nursed by trained staff that assess injuries, perform surgery, and help with physical therapy. If by chance your Stuffed Animal is too badly damaged, we will replace them with a new one for FREE.

* Please Note: Our lifetime guarantee applies only to products made by Vermont Teddy Bear. Also, as designs change and are at times discontinued, we cannot apply this guarantee to outfits or accessories, only to the Bear or Stuffed Animals themselves. On the rare occasion that a specific fur-color or design is discontinued, making it impossible for us to repair your injured friend or replace it with an exact look-alike, we will happily send one of our newer Bears or Stuffed Animals of equal value. Please contact a Bear Counselor via chat or email us at for more information.

Meet Dr Pam

Meet Dr. Pam

Not your average doctor, Pam is in charge of our Bear Hospital. During her 25+ year career with us, she has seen and repaired it all. From general wear to tears, bites, you name it, she has used her expert seamstress skills to sucessfully restore countless injured Bears and Stuffed Animals.

When Dr. Pam receives a plush, she first triages it using the admitting form. Information like the patient's name, age, fur color, known allergies (lots of Bears come in with peanut allergies), and permission to perform surgery are all very important to her.

From there, Dr. Pam gets to work fixing. With great attention to detail, she meticulously nurses her patients back to perfect, huggable health within about 3-4 weeks.

  • STEP 1: WASH

    Put your Bear or Stuffed Animal in a pillowcase (you don't want to get soap in their eyes), then put them in the washing machine* on delicate.


    Once they are done in the machine, take your plush out and hang by the ears (they will love doing the boogie in the breeze for a little while). DO NOT put it in the dryer, Vermont Teddy Bears cannot take the heat!


    When dry, use a brush to fluff (be careful not to get the eyes). Hint: most Stuffed Animals really like to be scratched or brushed behind their ears. It feels BEAR-y good.

*Please Note: Due to size, not every Vermont Teddy Bear is machine washable. If your Bear or Stuffed animal is jumbo (3' or larger), we recommend spot cleaning with a mild detergent and water. Then, let them do that boogie in the breeze (air dry).

The Vermont Mitten Company

A sub-brand of The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, The Vermont Mitten Company handmakes Mittens and Headbands out of upcycled wool sweaters. Due to general wear and tear associated with the use of winter gear made from wool, Vermont Mitten Company products do not come with a lifetime guarantee. Instead, they come with a Love-It Guarantee. All Mittens and Headbands may be exchanged for a gift certificate or returned up to 60 days after the purchase date.

Wash with Care

Proud to craft wonderfully unique, one-of-a-kind products, this winter gear requires special washing. Read below to learn more.

Step 1:
Fill a large bowl with cold water* and sprinkle in a wool detergent.

Step 2:
Place the Mittens or Headband into the water and swish around.

Step 3:
Rinse twice to remove any soap (don't ring out the water).

Step 4:
Lay flat to dry.

*Please note: Use of a washing machine as well as heat (hot water or dryer) will damage the wool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vermont Teddy Bear products are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?

100% of our Bears and Stuffed Animals come with an unconditional guarantee for life.

Why does it take so long to repair my stuffed animal?

To be a Bear doctor is a highly skilled role. It requires amazing seamstress skill, which takes years upon years to develop. That is why we only have Dr. Pam. Her attention to detail and gentle care of injured plush lives up to our highest quality standards, which takes time.

If my Stuffed Animal is beyond repair, will you contact me before sending me a replacement?

Most certainly, yes. We know Vermont Teddy Bear Stuffed Animals are part of your family and how important this information would be. In the case that your plush is beyond repair, we will contact you to discuss replacement options as well as if you would like us to return the original home.

What happens if I forget to put the form in with my stuffed animal?

Ooops, silly you. That's okay. To ensure your plush is documented and can make its way home, let us know it's coming to the Bear Hospital by contacting us. We'll keep an eye out for it.

Do I really need to use a pillowcase while washing?

YES! Washing machines can be very rough, the pillowcase protects your Bear or Stuffed Animal from damage. Also, no one likes getting soap in their eyes, ears, or nose. Don't want to dedicate a pillowcase to your stuffed animals? We offer a Bear Care Kit that makes taking care of your fluffy friends easy. Shop Now

What happens if I put my Vermont Teddy Bear in the dryer?

Bears and Stuffed Animals really, really don't like heat. Why? Well, it can melt or damage their beautiful fur and soft stuffing beyond repair.

Are Vermont Mittens Company products guaranteed for life?

No. However, to ensure you love your purchase, all Mittens and Headbands come with a 60-day Love-It Guarantee.