Collection: Custom Teddy Bears

Did you know we make personalized Teddy Bears? Yes, it's true. Big Teddy or small Bear, you can add a date or name to one paw pad, or use all four if you're feeling extra-inspired. For our classic custom Teddy Bears, you can also choose the eye or fur color. And, on most of our custom Teddy Bears, you can add a personalized accessory, like the shirt on our 15" I HEART You Personalized Shirt Bear. But, it doesn't stop there! If you want to create a unique custom Teddy Bear, please email us at We will make your vision come to life. 


Classic Custom Teddy Bears 

Introducing the epitome of cuddly companionship: our custom teddy bears. Elevate your gift-giving experience with our range of personalized teddy bears, each crafted to capture the essence of warmth and nostalgia. At Vermont Teddy Bear, we redefine the art of gifting by offering a unique and heartwarming way to express love and affection.

The best thing about Vermont Teddy Bear's handmade, fully jointed classics, is your ability to choose the eye and fur color. With us, you can make a personalized Teddy Bear that resembles a loved one or is unique to your tastes. These custom Teddy Bears can be found in our Classic Teddy Bears Made in the USA collection. 

Our custom stuffed bears are more than just toys; they are a canvas for your imagination. With a myriad of options, you can turn your teddy bear into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Choose from an array of colors, fabrics, and accessories to create a teddy bear customized to reflect the personality and preferences of its lucky recipient. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or a special milestone, our teddy bears provide a tangible symbol of your thoughtfulness and care. If you want to expand your options, choose from our custom stuffed animals!

Premium Personalized Teddy Bears 

Made with expert care, all of our custom Teddy Bears come Guaranteed for Life. Beyond 100% recycled plastic stuffing as well as impeccable stitching, they include best-in-class furs that offer specialized texture and make our personalized Teddy Bear even more huggable. One of our most squishy custom Teddy Bears is the 20" World's Softest Bear

We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail. Every stitch is made with love, ensuring that your personalized stuffed bear is not just a toy, but a cherished keepsake. Our team of skilled artisans brings your vision to life, ensuring that each teddy bear customized in our workshop is a true reflection of the emotions you wish to convey. Our giant Teddy Bears are a customer favorite to customize!

Customize bears for any occasion – from adorable newborn plush toys to larger-than-life bears for grand gestures of love.We make it easy for you to effortlessly navigate through our customization options, making the process of creating your personalized bear a delightful experience. Add a touch of personal flair with embroidered initials, a special date, or even a heartfelt message to make your teddy custom truly extraordinary.

Personalized Teddy Bear Accessories 

A shirt, a hat, a bib, a bow, a dress, pajamas, a heart pillow, a security blanket, and so much more. We have a large selection of custom Teddy Bears with personalizable accessories. Depending on what you are looking for, our personalized Teddy Bears, like our graduation teddy bears, come dressed ready to impress. 

Unleash your creativity and design a personalized bear that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the aesthetics – each teddy custom undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards. Rest easy knowing that the joy your custom teddy bear brings is matched only by its durability.

Give A Custom Stuffed Bear Gift 

To make your present extra special, we include a FREE personalized gift card with every custom Teddy Bear. Whether your personalized bear is for a birthday, holiday, get well, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day teddy bear or just because, it’s the special details that make a gift