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Vermont Teddy Bear

15 In. Cuddle Buddies Gift Set with Bunny Blanket

15 In. Cuddle Buddies Gift Set with Bunny Blanket

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Fur Color : Honey
Eye Color : Brown Eyes


Inherently calming and always happy to cuddle, the Cuddle Buddies Bear makes a beautiful, touching baby shower or birthday gift for children. Soft Vermont Teddy Bear arrives with a velvet-soft Bunny-buddy blanket finished with satin trim and strap for attaching to cribs, diaper bags and strollers. To make it extra special, ask us to personalize the baby lovey security blanket with the recipient's name. Handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest fur we can get our paws on and 100% recycled stuffing. Guaranteed for life.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Vermont Teddy Bears are guaranteed for life! If anything ever happens to one of our Bears or Stuffed Animals, they can be sent to our Bear Hospital in Shelburne, VT, where we'll nurse them back to perfect health.
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