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Vermont Teddy Bear

15 In. Interstellar Bear

15 In. Interstellar Bear

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In cele-BEAR-ation of the 2024 Great North American Total Solar Eclipse, our 15" Interstellar Bear is only available for two weeks. Ready to take off on a great space adventure, to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event, we've dressed our blue eyed, blue raspberry fur Bear in our classic astronaut outfit. Featuring an original Vermont Teddy Bear space logo patch with the Ursa Major constellation and an American flag patch on the right arm, make this Teddy personal by adding an embroidered name beneath the red planet patch. Blast off to infinity and beyond, get this handmade in Vermont, Guaranteed for Life, filled with 100% recycled plastic stuffing huggable friend before it is gone.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Vermont Teddy Bears are guaranteed for life! If anything ever happens to one of our Bears or Stuffed Animals, they can be sent to our Bear Hospital in Shelburne, VT, where we'll nurse them back to perfect health.

class="detail-subheading text-uppercase mb-3">Handmade in
Vermont</h5> Our Handmade in Vermont Bears and Animals set the
gold-standard for all Vermont Teddy Bear products. Each Bear is meticulously
crafted by hand including fur cutting, sewing, eye and joint placement, paw
pad personalization, measured stuffing and precise back-stitching. All Bear
production occurs in our Teddy Bear Factory located in Shelburne, Vermont
using both imported materials from China and 100% recycled stuffing that is
sourced in the U.S.A. This Bear is Guaranteed for Life and exceeds U.S. child
safety standards.

  • Bear's full height is 15" and 11" when seated.
  • Handmade in Vermont.
  • This Bear is safe for all ages. However, some added outfits or accessories may not be. Please remove any outfit or accessories before giving this Bear to a child younger than 3 years of age.
  • Item Number: VTBKT00750
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